So much to say…..

This week has had a lot of really nice updates around the store! I’m working on expanding and reworking parts of it since I’m feeling a little crowded in the working/chore area among other things.  I’m not sure entirely how it will shape up but it will work out.  I’m going to be redoing the spot at Hunters Cove too I think.  It hasn’t been changed and the houses are a little prim heavy…

Anyhow…. onwards!

This week a new outfit was released.  Aptly named “Flirty” this little number has tons of wear options.  It Flirty Outfit MAGENTA PICincludes 4 different prim skirts… beaded, plain, with and without a pouch or beads… then you have the two different tops, naughty or nice… then you have a camisk version with a waist sash, also in naughty or nice.  Not stopping there either there is a set of beads for the hip if you don’t want to wear a skirt… beads for the belly, there’s nipple rings if you don’t want to wear a top… and there’s the waist sash by itself so you can wear it with a skirt or without.  Like I said… TONS of ways to wear this outfit so you can be as naughty or as nice as you wanna be!  Available in 6 colors you can pick it up on Xstreet or at my in world locations.

I also released a whole slew of hair flowers.  These were done awhile ago and left floating around my inventory…. there are 21 different shades or patterns of flowers so there is something pretty much for everyone, along with the fat pack of course.  They’re priced reasonably at 25L each… the fat pack is sharply discounted if you want to have them all.  They really do look nice too, I was in a mood one day and fiddled till I came up with it.

Then if that wasn’t enough I decided to release 3 brand new pieces for your dungeon, kennel or just if you have a craving to tie someone up.  They’re lockguard compatible and come with their own set of cuffs/collar so you can torment anyone even if they don’t have the accessories.  They’re done in rich dark texturing with really awesome accents… rusty metal rings and all.

Dungeon Bound and Humbled PIC Dungeon Tormented and Displayed PIC Dungeon Wall Mounted PIC

That wraps up the new items that were put out for sale but then I put out two new items for the Lucky Chairs…. because I’m in a mood I’m going to give them their own lil post after this one.

Have a great weekend!!


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