Lucky Chair Fun

I just finished up a cute outfit.  Skulls -n- Denim I called it, I know… it isn’t very inspired for a name but I couldn’t think of anything.

Two colors, black denim and blue denim… each with little red hearts and skulls decorating parts of it.  I haven’t decided if I feel like doing other colors… but these look pretty good I think.  I set up the outfits to each have two sashes.  One with skulls, one without.  The camisk top, shorts for people who like a lil more modesty, and then a set of anklets.

Skulls n Denim Black-Red PIC Skulls n Denim Blue-Red PIC

I like it.  I’m hopin ya’ll do too.  For this week until or through Halloween I’m going to have them both in my lucky chairs.

Have fun and good luck!!


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