Latest Lucky Chair Updates!

Told you I’d get em done!  Woot woot! Don’t tell anyone I finished up the packaging and such while watching Monday Night Football.  By the way, tonight’s game was pretty good.  I’m an odd one… I really do like football, and I’m a female.  *laughs!*


Brand new and ouWicked Fantasy PICStta the workshop is the Wicked Fantasy set… only available in the lucky chairs you can win your way into this sexy little number if you want to.  With two different ragged shirts, ragged prim skirts, two different sets of arm wraps, one with netting… one without, and then two different sets of leg wraps, one with and then without the netting you can be sure you won’t feel like you’re compromising with this one.  It was supposed to start out as a Halloween, wicked witch kind of ensemble but morphed into its current form.  Sometimes it is easier to let things go the way they go without trying too hard… so this is what I came up with.  It should work alright in different settings… was thinking fantasy as well as Gorean.  Could picture a dark elf wearin something like that hmm?  *chuckles*

I also created a cute little set of flats with a wee lil pumpkin patch along the toe.  Vines and pumpkins decorate a mossy/olive green leather flat.  Also available in the lucky chair.

I got a new discount camisk out, and placed out the Apple Bob!  I threw at least four different camisks in there, a shirt for the guys, a set of sandals for the guys, one of the kirtle/camisk sets, think I even threw a decoration for autumn in there or two for something different… so there’s a lot to try your luck at if you’re feelin like sticking around a bit.

I hope ya’ll have fun with it.  Talk soon!


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