Kalei camisk and two new chores

Friday I released a couple things but didn’t get around to posting about it.  This past week has been massively crazy for me, I Kalei Sheer Camisk Black Gold PICalmost forgot to place all this on here.

First is the camisk.  A very nice little number that is a little bit different I think.  The wrap around top covers the breasts with a little keyhole in between showing just a little bit of skin, then gold trim wraps around beneath the breast… to go around the back.  The bottom of the camisk is sheer material sweeping down along the hip.  It was one of those things I was working on and thought turned out pretty nice.  The top is flowered, and I have to admit… the black and gold one is my favorite but it is in four different patterns.

The chores release for this week was a kneeling kneading dough.  Pretty self explanatory.   Low rustic type table with bread dough on it, a wee bag of flour…. the girl rocks back and forth, kneeling while she works kneading the dough on the table.  A nice addition to places that are a little rougher I would think.  Camps maybe, the plains perhaps… the desert camps?  Out on the prairies?  I think it could have a nice feel in a few places.

The other is a splitting/chopping wood.  Long sequence done very nicely, the chore itself is scripted to follow along with the Splitting Wood PICanimation done in steps.  It really is one of my best ones I think, and low in prims.  Only 7 but it doesn’t look like it.  You split the initial log, the log splits falling to the ground… then you walk around the stump to the waiting logs, pick one up then place it on the stump.  The log waits on the stump and you walk around the back to split that one… then repeat.  The chore uses temporary prims for the splitting logs and has it so that the log disappears/reappears while you act it out.  Like I said.  It is done very nicely…

I have more chore/work type stuff coming out soon probably since I have been on a kick working on those lately.  I have some furniture concepts I’m working up too… as well as a few hunts coming up.  The Myths and Legends hunt starts real soon and I’m also participating in the Gorean Merchant Caste hunt.

I always love doin those lil things…

Till later.


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