Hump Day Happenins!

My latest project!  Ok I’ll probably regret adding something else but I do like doing things right?

It’s Wednesday… Hump Day!  That day of the week that is smack dab in the middle, you’re not at the weekend yet…. you got the first part of the week out of the way at least but you still gotta get over that hump.  Well I know how it is and I know that sometimes Wednesday can seem like a pretty long day… while ya’ll are dying for the weekend to start I figured I’d start doing something a little bit each week to break up the monotony.

This week since this is all a budding new project of mine I figured what the hell…

For today (through tomorrow morning if I don’t get to changing them back tonight) everything on the NEW ARRIVALS platforms at my main location is going to be 50% OFF

New outfits, seasonal, whatever is on those platforms is going to be 50% off.

Now, I’m not going to do this every week…. I’ll come up with something else suitably tempting I would hope for some of you… but since I just came up with the idea this will give ya’ll a quick fix.

Now what to do for next week……. hmm…..

Here’s an idea.  A CONTEST!

Send me a notecard, title it your name, the date, and Hump Day Happenins

In the notecard outline ideas that you think would benefit shoppers here at Roawenwood.  50% certain items?  Special offers?  Something else?  Remember I may use them so if they are near or dear to your heart don’t send em in.   I’ll pick from that pool of notecards up to 5 people (hope I get some lol) who I think have some pretty decent ideas and they will win a 1000L gift certificate redeemable at my main location.

Notecards for ideas will be accepted up until November 2nd.  Next Wed. I’ll announce who won.

Woot!  Something to look forward to.

Have a great week and take care!


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