New Lucky Chair Stuff

I hope you got the Midice silks and kirtle in midnight because they are gone.  I just took them from the lucky chairs so you can’t get them anymore!  If you missed them I do feel badly but I added a bunch of stuff to the chairs to make up for it I promise.

I threw in there one of the Volupia sheer outfits, and a pair of black leather flats just to have a couple other things, mixing it up a bit.

The real fun part and news though is that there are THREE brand new never released camisks in the chairs.  I haven’t placed these out for sale so if you want to grab them up you can get them for free until I decide otherwise!  Woot, ok I know you are all excited now right?  Well I’m going to attach the pics of them so you can take a look see.

Autumn Camisk Black PIC Autumn Camisk Red PIC Autumn Camisk Pumpkin PIC

So instead of the typical single outfit I threw in there four different outfits and a pair of shoes for now.  Ya’ll are going to get spoiled.  I just know it.



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