Midnight Mania Goodness

I decided to change out the Midnight Mania prizes today.  I have two boards… usually in one I place a furniture or landscaping type of thing, and in the other I generally place a piece of clothing.

Today I put a set of 1 prim flowers for the landscaping, it is one single sculptured prim that looks like 8 flowers.  It’s a medium sized ground cover that is copy/modify so you can use it over and over again or try to resize it.  Technically you could add your own plant textures too creating your own stuff if you have them.  It is of course no transfer.  Sorry *grins* but that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  *chuckles*

For the clothing I put one of the “In Stitches” camisks/tops in there.  I chose the rosie colored one.  I kind of like that one and wear it on occasion, I thought it would be a nice offering for now.  I may try to come up with something that is done specifically for the MM boards but since I do that for the Lucky Chairs I haven’t really pursued it.

Both boards are set with a target of 150, not too awful high really.

If you wanna win, just head down to my store and slap the board… invite your friends and hopefully you’ll reach the target.  Good luck!


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