Just a lil bits….

Not much to say because I’m still workin hard on getting things around for October.  Trying to not release too much, trying my best to be patient and not do what I usually do which is to release as I go.

Ohhhh I almost forgot!  The Hope Hunt and Race starts on the 27th.  The concept of it is not only a prize hunt, which I will admit that I have placed out 10 roses… and each rose has a prize.  So that means at Roawenwood you can get 10 different prizes from the roses when you find them to click.  The race part is where you go around to different participating vendors and find their roses too.  The person who finds the most roses ends up winning a prize pot of lindens.

This is a race that had to be redone from earlier this year due to some issues with the database, which is supposed to be fixed to run smoother now.  The prizes are as follows (if nothing has changed, which I don’t think they have.)

The Grand Prize is 45,000L

2nd Prize is 25,000L

3rd Prize is 10,000L

So what else am I doing or up to lately…. hmmmm…. ohhhh, well I did get some stuff together and a few ideas for some discount type camisks.  I know that not everyone has the lindens to be able to spend a lot, so I am trying to offer a special selection of items in the clothing area for less than what I normally charge.  The first offering of this type is a set of sheer camisks, 9 different colors.

Barely There FAT PACK PIC

I picked up one of those lucky dip things from the lucky chair place, I’m thinking of throwing some of them into that too, so then you could get em for free.  *chuckles*

Till next time…. I hope ya’ll have a great week.


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