Hope Hunt and Race

And they’re off!!

Today’s the day!  Are you going to race and see how many roses you can find?

The grand prize winner receives 45,000L!!

There are over 203 participating locations and Roawenwood is proud to be a part of this wonderful event.  SLURL’s for participating merchants can be found on the Hope Hunt Blog along the side.  You can also search events for the hunt, some have made event listings for it.

There are 10 roses hidden at my main location on the five blades sim.

Lil note (( Sept 28th)) ::  Seems like one of my roses is M.I.A.  While it’s sorted and all I guess there is only 9 at the moment.  Bleh, but at least they all seem to be working right!

Each rose has a gift inside.

You can pick up the HUD to keep track of how many roses you find at the landing point, just click the spot on the sign for the Hope Hunt to receive.

The hunt and race lasts from Sept. 27th – Oct. 17th.

Good luck and cross your fingers that all goes well!


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