Grinding Grain

Trying to expand on my work line I added a few new accessories for those interested.  Two different grinding grain type sets.  One standing… working with a stone vase type thing where you pound out the grain.  The second is kneeling, grain placed in the bowl and you use a pestle.  The kneeling version has texture change for the contents so you can choose from 6 different things to work on from wheat, corn, herbs, coffee/blackwine beans, and more.  Both are low on prims… the standing version is 3 and the kneeling version is 4.

Along with the sets I made up an accessory pack of different types of burlap sacks filled with grains and such or just lying against the ground.  It could be used with the grinding grain work sets or alone on piers, warehouses, and other role play venue types.

Grinding Grain Kneeling PIC Grain & Burlap Sacks PIC Grinding Grain Standing PIC

I’m not too sure what else to write out about all of it but if you’re curious to check it out then make a quick trip to my main location to try them out!


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