Well the Macabre Hunt started this week and I had my stuff out… everything all set up.  Great fun, tried coming up with something a lil different/fun… outside the kind of things that I usually do.

The hunt theme is twisted fairy tales type of deal so I chose Hansel and Gretel, yanno… as a lover of cages/bondage and miscellaneous fun the whole thing where he’s caged up fit right?  Sooooooo I made a thing…… sorta inspired by someone elses idea too…. and then today, when flipping through websites and other blogs found out that someone else within the hunt basically made almost the exact same thing.

Made different… different spin on same concept, but I am alas quite frustrated that it happened.  I don’t know the other person and have never spoken to them or even been to their store… so it is all quite coincidental but now I’m left to wonder what to do.  Do I pull my item, come up with something quick to replace it with or do I leave it… knowing that it is a bit different, my interpretation and was not done on purpose?

I don’t know.  *sighs*

Soooooooooooooo anyone doing the hunt and sees the similarities and if they ever happen across here…. (which I doubt) I know and it sucks.


2 comments on “Frustrated

  1. Ashikki (Eisha Wickentower)

    I’ve took part in many hunts and I can tell you that it happens when the hunt has a theme that more than one shop owner comes up and produce something with an idea in mind the beauty of it is see the difference on how that idea took form and shape differently

    though as greedy treasure hunter can I vote for the third option that state: like leaving this one out and just add another special apple out for us to find ?
    *grins cheekly knowing her Master would have a fit knowing how many treasure she’s gathered and looks up innocently and hopeffuly*

  2. Searlait Nitschke


    I’ve been tempted to throw something else in there but I’ve come up empty with any ideas lately. I gotta think of something theme related. Anyone who gives me a good idea I use can have a 500L certificate to my store. LOL!

    I do have another hunt coming up at the 25th that is going to have quite a few prizes in it because there is more than one thing to search for.

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