I’ve always loved certain styles of clothing, or cultures.  I know that this is probably nothing like something that would have been worn, maybe it would have been but a set that I just finished up releasing this past week is called “Andromeda” after the princess in the Greek myths.  I have had a weird love of Greek mythology since I was in about 6th grade, and there have always been certain stories of course that stands out.

When I was making this up, that name stood out for me and stuck.  Only available in four colors because I didn’t want to dilute the intent behind the set.  I created it to be more regal, something that even though it is not overtly fancy it stands out as something more.  On a Gorean note the thing that popped out at me was the outfits of the girls that accompanied the Lady Sabina in Slave Girl of Gor before she was captured.  Girls in long flowing white gowns, obviously high slaves, with gold jewelry accompanying the outfit, so that is my Gorean reference… I won’t paste a quote, it isn’t that hard to find.  *winks*

Andromeda in White PICThe set has many many ways to wear it.  It has a solid camisk top with short or long prims to wear with it, a sheer camisk top with short prims, both tops are adorned with gold threading and beads holding it together… There are two different types of added decorated hip belts, one with a golden drape, and one without.  Mix and match them with the dress prims to create different looks.  The set also includes golden leg wraps, panties for those so inclined, sculptured spiral armbands, sculptured bracelets, and an intricate set of gold earrings.  Very versatile, I believe this set is wonderful for most fantasy role play really and I love it.  Available in Stunning Black , Deep Purple , Dark Red , Classic White.


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