Woohoo, I was featured!

Have you noticed lately that I’ve been a little hyper?  I think it is a combination of lack of sleep, and a few other things but wow I was shocked the other day to stumble across a blog that had the limited edition Midice silks and kirtle sets pictured in one of their posts!

I think that Chic had barely finished the post before I found it… it is sort of a funny story really, (and hers on the blog is pretty cool too), I was wandering the web trying to think of something to make for the Gor hunt… I had a couple things but I wanted something else too… so I decided to check my favorites in my browser.  Links come and go quickly just like stores move round in Second Life faster than you can keep up with the landmarks in your folders.  So I clicked on one of the fashion feeds, and right there… the second one on the front page was a very lovely lady posed in my silks!


Doesn't she look lovely?

Can you imagine really?  I was floored… I near fainted really.  Nervously I clicked on the link, wincing the whole time going… “oohh wow….”  You see, I don’t know if ya’ll know this but I’m pretty humbled when I stumble across something like that.  I really don’t expect to see it.  I love creating and I get so wrapped up in my workshop working or my nose buried deep in a program working on textures that when I see someone enjoying or liking my stuff I get all excited.  So silly but it is part of the fun of the whole thing, especially when you don’t expect it!

So I left a little comment and the funny thing is they were going to send me a notecard to let me know I’d been featured but they hadn’t even been able to get that far cuz I already had found it.  *laughs!*  It was nice and I’m so glad that folks are enjoying the offering in the lucky chairs this month.  Check out the Chic at Phil’s Place Blog, they do regular posts on fashion, freebies and hunt items.

If you review my stuff or write a post, don’t hesitate to let me know… I like the feedback and sometimes even write you up too!  *smiles*

Woot!  They did a lil blurb about my prize for the fall hunt too!  LOL  What a week… Happy Friday!


2 comments on “Woohoo, I was featured!

  1. Chic Aeon

    Wow! I didn’t know those were limited editions. No wonder the other gals were ooohing and aaahing *wink*. It was a lucky day.

    And just so you know, there is no “they” exactly at Chic’s, just me as photographer and writer and my friends now and then that come to show off or that I rope into doing me a favor. I’m a one gal force of nature – LOL, at least on a good day.

    Was great to meet you! Best of success.

  2. Searlait Nitschke

    Was wonderful meeting you as well and yes, I tend to make outfits special for the chairs when I get the time to. I think it adds a little bit more fun for people and then they can have something that is a little unique once they’re retired.

    The funny thing is… whenever I talk about my store I use terms like… “we”, “ours”, etc… and it really is just me for the most part. Do all the building, graphics, clothes, marketing etc. so I know what you mean. Just sounds weird to talk about ME all the time. I guess I carried it over and used “they”. *chuckles*

    I like your blog and your style, think it is a lot of fun… I hope you have continued success as well.

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