Ok, so I lied….

Well, not exactly.

I said I was going to put out one of the Volupia outfits for the Gor hunt and I am, but not quite the way I had first intended.  Instead of putting out one of the semi-transparent sheer colored versions I came up with something even naughtier.  (( you know as a side note… it always seems like I try to come up with something naughtier for these hunts, go figure. )) Anyhow… I came up with a netted version of the camisk and it is going to be the free outfit that is part of the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt package.

The reason I say package is because I always end up putting more than one thing into the Gorean hunt giftie item.  This time I have 4 different things in there, and two of them have multiple pieces so really it is more than just 4.

I’m not going to give away the other items in there… it isn’t as much fun.  I will apologize that for those who don’t like to show off a whole lot of skin… well, the outfit that is in there… it doesn’t leave a whole heck of a lot to the imagination!

I think part of it is that recently I’ve gotten a couple comments that I should come up with something comparable to what I made last hunt… the Naughty Bits camisk because it showed off more of the body.  Most of my things really don’t…. well I think I met that challenge.  *brushes her hands off*

Have more in the works (of course) and since I’m not using the Volupia livery in the hunt, I may just release it a lil sooner than I had planned.

The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt begins August 8th, and I’m #14 out of something like 90 stores, so be ready!


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