Mary Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow?

watering-plants-attachment-picHave a garden?  Favorite flower pot?  Well now you can water your plants and take care of them wherever you wish… at home, at your favorite spot, or role play sim.  I released a watering can attachment that you simply wear from your inventory and it will begin the animation.  Steady the can, pour, then sweep your arm outward and back while the particle effect water droplets cascade down gently.  Perfect for work, play, gardeners and role players.  I thought it turned out pretty nice.  Particles work on click so you can turn them on or off.

I’ve had a kitchen in my inventory that I hadn’t released but has been completed for quite some time.  This morning I set it out and have it set up so ya’ll can take a peek.  It is a larger version of the Manor House Ovens that I had put in my kitchen stuff around the time of the Gorfest.  It takes aspects from the ovens, and integrates a sink… along with the work station that I created seperately with the rezzing scenes.  This kitchen is vemanor-house-interactive-kitchen-picry interactive.

Within the sink there are two animations.  Washing dishes, and washing hands so you can work out what you want within your role play at the sink.  In the cutting board area on the countertop there is the rezz menu.  In it there are the seven rezzable scenes including kneading dough, cutting meat, making kalda, rolling dough and much more.  The props for the scenes and the sink are in the hanging towel on the edge of the counter.

While it is so interactive it also is a very detailed and carefully created piece that has tankards hanging, wine goblets, fires, pots, pans, baskets… barrels and working cabinets.  Touch and the door swing open or closed.  I haven’t placed it on Xstreet or in vendors because it seems like the type of thing you’d want to give a test run before buying…. so, check it out at my in world main location.

mucking-out-the-straw-picI also released another new chore.  It seems like there are a lot of workers out there sooooo I set up a cleaning up the straw, mucking the stalls type thing… piles of sculptured and prim dirty mucky straw with a single prim pitchfork stuck in it for the chore… and also an avatar attachment version of the pitchfork (straw not included) so you can use work anywhere if you already have a barn or don’t want the actual chore to set out.  The chore weighs in around 4 prims so not really that bad.


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