Lovebirds Couples Hunt

Ohhh, another grid hunt.  Yay for you right?  Get another lovely item offered up for free that you can get this time geared more towards couples.  To be honest I’m not quite thrilled with what I put in there and I’m probably going to make something new to place in it over the next week or so.  The hunt is about a month long so if you get the first one, come check back later you might get something else too.  Of course I’ll announce a change if I do here on the blog so you can find out.  *chuckles*

So that makes three hunts that I am a part of currently.

The Lovebirds Couples hunt, The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt, and the Fall Fun Hunt.

All three freebie packages are near/around the landing point so you have lots of presents to pick up if you want.


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