Kitchen Gear & a Goddess Amongst Us

The other night very late when no one was looking I put out something I have been working on in conjunction with some of my kitchen stuff.  It is an interactive kitchen block.  It has different scenes that can be rezzed, three different work kitchen-work-station-picanimations (preparing food, kneading dough, rolling dough), and a rustic type appeal that could be good for just about anywhere really.

When you sit on it, you can choose which animation you want… click the towel for a prop if you need one, like the kitchen knife and then choose the scene you want to portray.  From cutting meat, to veggies, to bread… kneading dough, and more all intricately created so you can have a realistic role playing experience.  The scenes each load, deleting the one that is already there or you can choose to ‘clean up’ from the menu to have the prims picked up… so between sessions, chores, or scenes you can keep just the kitchen station at its low 11 prims sitting out.

The scene menu can be secured as well… owner only, group, or a free for all letting anyone access it.  You choose.

It can be seen at my main location, I haven’t placed it on Xstreet or at any of my other locations.

In other news…. hehe, the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt is starting in just a few days.  I’ve been working on something for it, an outfit but while in the process of making it, I end up creating a total of 6 colors for it.  So now I’m not sure which one I should put into the hunt.  I’m probably not going to release the outfit outright until after the hunt even though it is soooooooo tempting to put it out.  It’s a sweet little number, sheer slave livery with a lil prim skirt along the bottom.  Beaded accents and it shows up all of those lovely kajira curves.  So if anyone out there is reading this, and wants to input what color I’ll include… help!  *snickers*  I made it in black, blue, golden, green, purple, and red.  I’m tempted to be nice and go with the red… I haven’t decided.  Or maybe I’ll taunt you all and make something else entirely!

Check it out… I’ll attach a couple pictures so you can have a look see.

volupia-black-pic volupia-blue-pic volupia-red-pic

The outfit is called “Volupia” after the Roman (from what I read) Goddess of Sensual Pleasure… how appropriate.  I just was tickled by the idea and thought it fit.

As far as what else I’ll put into the hunt, I’m not sure.  The last time I participated I put quite a bit in there… I don’t know if I’ll put in AS much but I do want to have multiple items so it isn’t just geared towards one type of individual… I like having something in there that appeals to more than just a slave girl for example.

Will update again soon… Take care!


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