Been having some busy weeks lately.

The end of summer is tickling at me and I’ve had lots of plans in real life lately.  Family coming to visit, going to visit family… this weekend I’ll be pretty busy too but I haven’t forgotten ya’ll and have had a couple releases that have been let go quietly without group updates.  I’ll probably make a group update and highlight some things soon but at the moment I’m just leaving a few notes here.

First I made up a couple of fun pieces.  The Back Alley Bar set; a set of barrels, crates, grain sacks and back-alley-bar-picother pieces to create a role play area for the downtrodden, along docks, in an alley somewhere, I’m sure there’s no limit besides your imagination.  It comes with 5 different spots for ya’ll to hang out.  3 lounging animations to drape yourself along the crates… and 2 drinking animations, you wear the bottle and sway… singing, arm raised in drunken revelry.  I had fun creating it and while it isn’t for everyone I think it could be a lot of fun for you too.  I also made up a bottle and tankard avatar attachment to go along with it, wear it and sing along sitting nearby.

This week sees also the release of a couple of pieces in my landscaping department.  1 prim sculptured ground cover.  At the moment available in two different colors it covers a 10×10 area using just one prim.  Bright red and purple blossoms with lush green foliage.  I have them out against some of the textures that I got for my sim from Botanical.  They look really good, fit in nice.  You can see them not too awful far from the landing point at my main store.

For all you workers out there I made up a new “chore” though this isn’t a chore outright I wouldn’t think.  stone-chiseling-picIt’s stone chiseling and set up for the guys.  I haven’t done a female counterpart though I could I suppose, it seems most work sets for role play are geared towards the kajira, or female.  Sweeping, mopping, sewing, knitting, etc.  So on occasion I think it only appropriate that we should get some work outta the guys too!  Besides… this is something that is considered a craft.  Stone masons hard at work creating sculptures or stone for building, a great accessory I would think for a lot of folks.

So I’ll leave you for now, I have much to do and probably not enough time to do it all like usual.  The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt is wrapping up this weekend so if  you haven’t gotten your lil package from my place you have until Monday morning.  I’m going to leave it out through the weekend for all those last minute hunters who might be interested in picking it up.


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