August Picks Contest Winner!

Hello hello!  Once again it a few more weeks has passed and it was time to pick the winner for my monthly contest.

The winner receives 1000L and a 1000L store credit to be used on whatever strikes their fancy at Roawenwood.  If you’d like a chance to win all you have to do is come by the store, click on the board for the contest, place Roawenwood in your picks and you’re all set!  Each month the list is wiped clean and we start all over.  On the last day of the month I will draw at random a winner and send out another notice.

The winner for this past month is…. Cub Ruby!!

Sometimes it is so fun sending the little notes when I pick a winner… her first words were: “me??  omg”



The list has been wiped clean and if you want to have a chance, now is the time to sign back up.


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