Two new summer inspired outfits

…The talender, fixed in her hair,
is a slave girl’s wordless confession, which, commonly, she dares not
speak, that she cares for her Master….
—Hunters of Gor, 5:65

Flirty and bold is what I’d call my new kirtle set.  Granted the basic style is seen often enough, in midice-summer-kirtle-in-red-pictrying to remain close to the books the top has a deep plunging neckline that goes past the belly button and a deep v along the back showing off the contours of the back.

The skirts sway and move flirtatiously as a girl moves open on either side covering just the front so you have to use your imagination just a bit.  I love the deep colors that I used for the skirts and the top… they’re bold, and distressed a bit.  Great everyday wear for the northern bond while the months are warmer.  Delicately entwined within the ropes that surround her hips are some
lovely talendars to show off her natural beauty, affix one in your
hair, and maybe wear the rope choker that has a single bloom attached.
Who says a bondmaid can’t indulge herself with a few flowers for her
Jarl? And if not in the mood the flowers are separate from the skirts
so the kirtle can be worn for everyday.  Available in 6 colors including a traditionally colored ivory

Secondly there’s a fun brightly colored patchwork and stitched camisk for just about anyone really.  The top looks great with jeans, or alone as the Gorean slave girl wanders doing her work.  I thought it was a nice little addition to my lines… This one is available in 5 colors and priced reasonably.  Might as well be colorful if you have to wear rags.  *chuckles*

I hope ya’ll enjoy!!  Keep lookin… I have more in development.


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