See what happens?

Ahh, I was bored… waiting for things in real life to settle a bit and putzing around in my workshop.  Decided I could be a little productive while messing around right?  Sooo… I made up a chore for all you hard working folks out there.churning-butter-pic

Churning butter!  Exciting huh?  lol  I have some new kitchen items coming out (and some have been at the Gorfest this week) so it seemed to be a good idea to get this out there too.  Made almost entirely of sculptured prims it is nicely animated.  Churning, sweating and working hard you’ll stand every once in awhile stretching trying to get that kink out of your back before bending back to the task.

Smooth lines, rustic type appeal it weighs in at 8 whole prims.  Not too shabby eh?  Click the churn to get a plunger, jump on and away you go… Simple!  The animation is embedded, no ugly hover text or poseball to clutter your scene just like most of my chores.  The anim is adjustable through menus for different avatar sizes.



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