New Silks, Lucky Chair Stuff, & Grid Hunt

I have lots of news and things going on all at once.  Sometimes I just… whew, get a little overwhelmed with it all so bear with while I write this up and keep you all updated. 😉

First off I have a new set of silks.  Last week I released the Midice Kirtle Set, this week I’m releasing the sister outfit to it for ya’ll that don’t want to wear a kirtle.  The set is done in the same eye popping colors that the kirtle is done in, a wee bit midice-silks-in-deep-red-picworn… lots of nice texture to the top and the skirts.  Ropes wrap around the hips and the belly with a few different ways to wear them.  You can wear them with the included belly ropes that have the delicate talendar blossoms decorating them, or you can wear them without… just the ropes around the hips.  Perfect for everyday wear or for when you are trying to look a little summery.  Included with it is the rope choker with a blossom on it, and the hair flower… I do love the way the coloring turned out on all of them… even the colors I generally don’t care for look superb.  Available reasonably priced for only 295L just like the kirtle set I don’t think I set them too far out of reach for anyone who is looking for a bright vibrant new outfit.

The special edition Anysia silks are out of the lucky chairs, if you missed them I’m really sorry… if you’re one of those who got them… congrats!  I won’t be offering them in the store for sale so you might be able to get away with being a wee bit unique. *chuckles*

I’ve added two new outfits for at least the month of August to the lucky chairs in their place.  I’m offering up a special edition color of the Midice kirtle set, and silks set.  These will also not be sold in the store so if you want them then you have to catch them in the chairs.  The color is a deep blueish color, Midnight.  They have everything that the ones are for sale including the flowers, belts and options so you aren’t getting a substandard freebie.

midice-summer-kirtle-in-midnight-lc-pic midice-silks-in-midnight-lc-pic

Tomorrow kicks off the beginning of the Fall Frenzy (Fall Fun?  The name changed I think lol)  Grid Hunt but I’m lettin ya’ll in on a little secret… I set out and have my item up for grabs already so you can come down and get it if you want before the ‘official’ start of the hunt.  It’s only a day early right?  No harm done.  *winks*  Anyhow… it’s not just another outfit or something for the ladies.  It’s a fun item for couples that can be used for autumn decor, farms, rustic, or something along those lines.  It has 5 different couples animations sets…. this is a really nice lil item.  I’m not going to cheat and post a picture or tell you what it is.  If you wanna see you gonna have to come and get it!!  Just look for the little leaf and pick it up for 0L$.

I have a few hunts coming up… The Gorean Grid Hunt starts soon, and there’s a couples hunt that is coming up too within the next month that I’m a part of.  Will write up little notes as they approach.

I changed the Lucky Tribe Redemption prize for a massage table instead of the kirtle set that has been in there for awhile now if you are someone who plays that… don’t forget that all of my chairs reward kudos if you need them.


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