Darque Manor Library and Desk Furniture

A few things to write about.  Firstly today is the last day of Gorfest, I hope ya’ll went down and checked it out or contributed to the RFL.  All that stuff is wrapping up for this year soon and I’m really grateful to anyone who’s helped out or done a lil something for it.  It’s wonderful.

Now onto the new furniture set.

Newly created and placed out at the new arrivals section of my main store is a set of furniture suitable for library, scribery, or office.  It’s done in rich darkly antiqued paneling with silvery toned accents along the edges.  Damask edging on the desk, and deep rich velvety textures on the cushions.

darque-manor-writing-desk-picThe desk is an authentic styled Gorean type.  It is low to the ground since Goreans really did find most chairs to be uncomfortable with thick pillows.  As an added feature the desk is unisex, outfitted with four different animations.  Two of the animations are just for sitting and relaxing… the other two are different writing animations.  The first is a sitting cross legged while writing for the men, and the second is a writing animation while kneeling modestly for the women.

The desk has a texture change option within the large middle back cushion with seven (7) different velvets; red, black, purple, blue, gold, green and brown.  The large cushions can be changed seperately from the smaller pillows that cuddle around your backside when you’re sitting… this is great because then you can decide to have two different colored pillow sets or all the same.  Perfect for Goreans who are trying to decorate around their caste colors.  Just think… use blue on the larger cushions, and gold on the smaller… the desk is set for a slaver!  Choose all red, and your warriors are all set… purple for the Ubar, and brown for the administrators.  Others can of course use them, mix & match to your hearts content for different looks, the colors are all rich, deep, and look great together.

Strewn across the top of the desk are various parchments, an inkwell, and quill.  Click the inkwell to receive a quill to wear while you work at the desk.

darque-manor-library-shelf-picA library shelf is the next piece.  In each of the book accents on the shelves there is a notecard give script that will create a ‘more’ button when needed.  Nearly unlimited in capacity it will help you create a well rounded knowledge base of information and is only 9 prims.  There is also an object giver script in the bottom cupboard of the shelf unit so you can give away items if you desire.  Up to 22 different objects can be stored and given away… they should have copy/transfer rights to them to work properly.  This shelf unit would be nice in libraries or schools, maybe a kennel if you’re looking for something a little nicer looking.

There’s two pillow chairs in the same style as the desk chair (that can be seen at my main location).  One has single sits in it, and the other is a chair made for a Master and his slave.  The Master sits first, then the slave.  Click the chair to get the menu of positions, and the slave can choose from different positions while sitting in front of him.  Both chairs of course have the same texture change options/menu that the desk has.

old-tyme-desk-accessories-picA desk accessory set with extra parchments, sealed parchments, inkwells, quill, and a candle with wax seal set is also available.  Reading parchments at the main store along with a very nice bird of paradise potted arrangement made entirely of sculptured prims.  Tapestries, flowers, accessories, stacked books, and scrolls… tons of different options so you can have a disheveled or neat office.  It all works together creating a wonderful scene.

To see the entire set you’ll have to come down to the store, some pieces are available on Xstreet.


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