Update on the Hope Hunt + Race

Well… sadly due to some issues the most recent hunt that I was quite excited about seems to be having enough problems that they are rescheduling.  I’m going to paste the letter that we got through the group so ya’ll know what’s going on.  I do have some updates for the store but that will come in a different post.  I don’t want to muddy them up.

As we promised earlier today, a decision has been made regarding the Hope Hunt + Race.  With great sadness, we have determined that the event should be halted and rescheduled for later this year.  This is the best way to preserve the integrity of the Hope Hunt + Race, and the Relay for Life which is the reason behind it all.

The problems we experienced were not due to a lack of preparation.  We were well prepared.  We have an excellent database system, and the scripts were all thoroughly tested during May and early June.  The scripts and database worked as expected during the event.

The problem, without being too technical, is that each click of a Rose created an HTTP request/response between SL and the database … and the servers simply could not handle the volume.  Our problem, as has been said before, was that this event has been such a HUGE success.  We were too successful for the servers to handle.

That is what caused the problems you experienced–Roses giving messages with bad or missing information, and Roses “locking up” (due to lag in the HTTP communications).  The script/database system was good–but it did not have the server resources needed to process the volume of information generated.

These issues will be resolved, and the Hope Hunt + Race will be successful.  This is not something that can be fixed easily or quickly, though.  Any solution that would enable us to finish the event on schedule would be a quick-fix, degrading the experience for everyone involved.  Therefore, we will reschedule the event when the server issues have been ironed out.

For the participating merchants, the Roses which are currently out will automatically delete themselves, as planned, on July 5; you can delete them before that time if you would like to do so.  When the Hope Hunt + Race is rescheduled, you will be given the same number of Roses for the event.

For the hunters, the event will restart when it is rescheduled.  This is the fairest and most equitable solution for everyone.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.  This has been exciting and fun … and a bit frustrating, perhaps.  Know that we look forward to continuing to work with you as we make this event a success, and we will keep you posted as those plans unfold.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and participation.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Sidda Jubilee &
Arete Diplomat

So I guess that is it for that for now… sadly.  Hopefully it will sort itself and it will be able to go on at a later date.


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