The Relay for Life Hope Hunt and Race

Today kicks off an event that I wanted to explain a lil bit.  It’s more than your typical hunt where you race around for freebies and it is a great cause.

The Relay for Life Hope Hunt and Race is a two week hunt that begins on June 21st and runs until July 4th but more than just a freebie hunt it is also a race. During the hunt your objective is to find as many of the yellow roses as you can within the store or sims that participate throughout the grid. The one who finds the most will be awarded the grand prize. Ties result in the splitting of the prize monies so you’ll want to try your best.

Each time you find a rose, you click on it and it will tell you how many are left in the sim or store that you are in, and it will also give you the SLURL for the next place to hunt. Some roses have prizes in them… some do not but that’s ok, because each time you find a rose you work your way up in the race to win the Grand Prize!

The Grand Prize is 45,000L!

2nd Prize is 25,000L

3rd Prize is 10,000L

The Roawenwood is proud to be a participating merchant and has hidden within its main location 20 roses to be found, some of them have prizes in them. All proceeds go to the Relay for Life.

A great cause and a lot of fun, I hope you all enjoy!


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