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Oh there’s nothing really new at the store today.  I’ve been skin shopping, it’s a tedious task at times because yanno… you try on a million demos and in general I will tell you that I find very few that I like.  Very few designers, and very few that ever look “right” to me for the mood I’m in at the time.

I am a self professed hair and skin whore.  I suppose when you end up being naked a lot, taking a lot of pictures, or whatever you end up paying a little bit more attention to things like hair and skin.  At least I do, and a part of it I think is trying to find a ‘you’ that you feel comfy in while you’re enjoying your SL.


LAQ Tasha Glow Skin in Nougat

I’m writing today cuz I found a nice pack of skins that won’t break the bank for most of ya’ll.  Skins are face it, expensive.  It’s hard finding a good skin, and then forking over the money even though it is generally money well spent… how often do we really buy skins anyhow.  Well, except me… I buy them too often.



At LAQ, that is Laqroki but most can’t ever remember how to spell their name after they changed it awhile back, there is a couple new sets of skins in their Glow line that is not all that expensive.  You can get a set of 10 skins priced at just under 2,000L… that’s not bad.  Three shades sold seperately… a light type, medium type and then a tanner one.  Couple different looks, I’m only posting a picture of the one.  One drawback, you can’t purchase the skins seperate but yanno…. sometimes you can spend 2k or more for just ONE skin… let alone 10 so it evens out somewhere.

Soooooo why did I post this?  erm… I don’t know.  I feel for all those people trying to find a decent skin?  Or maybe I’m feeling generous…. or maybe I’m just thinking that a lot of people like to look good without having to spend a ton.  I really don’t know, but hey it doesn’t hurt.  I figure if I feel like posting it then go with it.  I’m a strong believer in following your gut.  *nods lots*  And no I didn’t buy this set!!  LOL  Actually I’m looking for a different look but thought these were done well and the price was right, I just wanted to share.

Anyhoooooooooo……. Happy shopping and have fun!


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