New Chore, New Harem Rug

Can you imagine… leaning back amongst plush pillows, eyes closed while four women were around you caressing, massaging, and snuggling up to you… along the back two more women were gently fanning the air around you so you have a gentle breeze to calm you.  Well… now you can have something like this in Second Life.

This week saw the release of the Sultan’s Harem Gathering Rug.  This item is different in the sense that it has an animation set suitable for sultans-harem-rug-pic7 people.  Deep dark colored rug with sculptured pillows surrounding it, many of the pillows have singles sits in them so you can use the rug for everyday, even a sit that is suitable for a free woman.  Click the rug and you can choose from two preloaded scenes.  The harem scene where the pose set for 7 people rezzes. The poseballs in the harem set are set to temp rezz, I did this so the balls wouldn’t clutter up the scene if you didn’t have enough people to sit on each of the poses… I would like feedback from folks on using them this way.  The second.. tea.  A small table with a candle, tea set, and some food laid out ready for you to use while sitting on the single sits in the pillows.  This versatility makes this rug perfect for many uses, from everyday to bathhouse and massage.  You can also choose to not use either scene.

I also redid the Kennel Mat to have a fur on it, along with some threadier looking fabrics for the worn pillows for those who like to have furs scattered about instead of the mat.  I do try to make things as versatile as possible.  I redid the feeding bowls to have two animations in them now.  The other furniture type release was a set of kneeling stocks.  I have seen them around on occasion but thought it a nice lil addition… the kneeling animation has subtle movement to it, head and hands moving while the prisoner is on their knees.  I think this adds a nice touch instead of being locked there stiffly.

The new chore/work attachment is a Mortar and Pestle.  Doesn’t sound like much right?  Well it is an avatar attachment type of thing like mortar-and-pestle-attachment-picmy one sweeping chore but this one is a little bowl, and a pestle that you wear… upon wearing it you will start grinding away at the contents within the mortar.  The bowl itself has a texture change option so you can choose from different grains, herbs, or spices to be working on.  This makes it great for kitchens, bakeries, apothecaries, or other role-play type environments.  Since it isn’t a poseball set and an attachment you can wear it, and work anywhere you need.  No limits and easy to carry about.

I’m in the process of working on a set of silks.  They’re shaping up alright I think… sculptured top and skirt.  Bronze and gold accents.  I’m trying to figure if I want to add more to it or if I should keep it rather simple.  For the most part I don’t like to overdo if it feels right.  As it stands now this set is simple enough to be worn in general, not just as a special occasion piece.  That might be the way to go for it.  I’ll see what feels right.

I’ll wrap this up for now as I’m struggling my way through Hair Fair and will write again soon.


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