I must be insane, Men’s Clothes?!

As if I don’t have enough things on my plate guess what?  I have something new to tell you.  C’mere, lean in… I don’t want to speak too loudly because someone is probably going to smack me upside the head for opening up yet another line and more work for myself.  I started a line of…… men’s clothing and accessories.

domhnull-red-top-pic domhnull-blue-top-pic

Egads right?  I never do sit still for long and I never seem to stop trying to challenge myself but it isn’t all my fault this time.  My better half, affectionately known by some people as Ancient One or well some other less than savory names, *coughs lightly and continues with a straight face* was frustrated with the lack of male clothing.  Well in his words… the lack of decent male clothing.  He is forever searching for decent male clothing designers and often is disappointed.  For months he’s been poking, and prodding me trying to see if I’d give it a whirl… finally I caved.  Before this I couldn’t get my head around anything to make, finally got a few ideas (ok no offense but I do love some of the kilts that you’ll find around SL, I even wear some of them… yanno from places like Ripped, Emo-tions, and other places) but still didn’t really think it was a good idea.  I mean really…. there’s -tons- of places that make kilts etc.  Of course there are tons of places that make camisks and silks too.

The thing that he was frustrated with partially was the lack of, believe it or not, decent shirts and things.  He domhnull-male-kilt-outfit-piccould find kilts if he wanted mostly, could find some pants though mostly jeans… but often couldn’t find shirts and things to go with the clothes he picked up.  Though he confuses me… he said he hated kilts for the most part.  *scratches her head in confusion shrugging to herself before continueing*  I never did say I understood men any better than they understand us.

Anyhoo…. What this means is I have a brand spankin new fun thing to play with from time to time.  Men’s stuff!  I can’t make any promises, I don’t know how often I’ll feel inspiration strike to make something new but ya never know… I said the same thing about the other stuff I make too.

So for your viewing pleasure I am releasing the Domhnull collection.  A set of 5 different colored laced shirts, a pair of sandals, and a full outfit including one of the shirts, kilt, armbands, and glitch pants.  I’m not sure how ya’ll are going to like it but I hope you do.  I think the shirts are pretty cool, plus I know… *puts her hand up in sympathy* everyone and their brother is making kilts but I really do like em… if anything I was seriously hesitant about releasing anything like that just due to the market saturation of it all.

slavers-cuff-picI also released an accessory for the Gorean slaver.  In the books there is a mention of the daily wear for the slaver… it’s in Explorers if you’re curious… it says that when dressed in their best and finery a slaver will wear their caste colors of blue and gold however in their day to day they often just wore a few chevrons or slashes of blue and gold along the bottom of their left sleeve.  Granted this is a bit of a twist but I created a couple bracers/cuffs that wrap around the wrist.  One for right, one for left… Black leather belts that buckle around and the blue/gold caste colors of the slaver.


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