Harlequin Burnt

Today was busy work day but along with that I managed to create a new piece of clothing that is a little different looking than my other pieces.  A camisk that I’m calling “Harlequin Burnt”.  It is short, high on the harlequin-burnt-red-pichips so it doesn’t hide much though it does cover the breasts and part of the back.  It’s a bolder look, with very rich coloring that might not be for everyone.

I liked it, and it honestly looks really cool with a pair of jeans too.  There’s a sash that sweeps along the waist and folds over in front of the thigh, an ornament adorns the sash making it a lil fancier.

The top is available in 7 different colors, from red to black to pink to orange.  I’ll attach  a few pics so you can get an idea.  Available at my in world location, I haven’t decided if I should put it on Xstreet or not.  Sometimes I avoid putting things on Xstreet where I have to fix the photos much so I don’t fall under adult stuff.  lolharlequin-burnt-purple-pic

I also updated the Midnight Mania boards, putting one of the Harlequin camisks into one… and then a very nice waterfall set with some sculptured swans into the other one.  I cleaned out and added new things to the lucky chairs too.  I left a few of the jewelry pieces from the belly dance outfit but then added some of the silks, and a pair of boots from around the store.  I’m going to try to come up with something that is more exclusive for the chairs but right now I’m stretched a lil thin so I figured having about 9 different pieces from around the store should suffice for now.  *chuckles*

Good luck and I hope everyone is having a glorious beginning to their week.



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