Friday Freebie Fun & Updates

It’s Friday!!!  Woot!  I hope you’ve had a good week.  This friday I’m sending a couple quick notes for ya’ll.

drama-zone-popcorn-bag-fem-picI can’t help but laugh with this one but I just -had- to do it.  A new release!  The Drama Zone Popcorn Bag!!  Now EVERYONE has at one time or another had a moment or two within their online time where they wanted to whip out a bag of popcorn, plop their backside down and watch the drama unfold.  Well…. now you can, and as a service to the community I’m offering it for free!

In the landing area where I keep the other lil nifty gifts or things to do I’ve added two popcorn bags, both animated attachments… one for men, and one for women.  The animations are slightly different in each in the way they sit.  Get one or both but have fun!drama-zone-popcorn-bag-male-pic

As far as store updates this week has been one where I have seriously upgraded some of my furniture.  The Legionnaires throne, the Zumurrud day bed, the Artifice loveseat all have new animation sets added to them giving them tons more options and fun.  The Desert Opulence Dance pit has been altered to use the animation menu that the Tavern Dance pit now uses so you don’t need a poseball anymore to dance.

Both of my massage tables have also been upgraded with a new massage animation so they now both have 4 different massages in them, not just the three previous.  I’m currently working on a more rustic version besides the two fancier… I’ll drop a line when that is released.

Take care and have a great weekend!


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