Anysia Silks

Someone once told me that I release things too quickly.  That I should hold onto things once in awhile and I try… really I do but I like to keep things fresh.  It was of course pointed out to me that I should let ya’ll catch your breath, save up your Lindens and be able to come back.  Well… ok… I’m sorry and this time it isn’t intentional.

I am releasing a simple set of silks.  I really haven’t released any silks since the Flutterbee set which was awhile back.  This set isn’t super fancy but it is nicely made.  Sculptured drapes, gold and bronze accents, a short flirty little skirt.  When I was making it I thought it would work well in a tavern or someplace where you’re trying to look decent but not over the top with a dancing silk.  Honestly I think these are just right for everyday wear if you’re a silk slave, or if you just like to look a little pretty.

The set comes with Armcuffs, Bracelets, Skirts, and the Top.   I made it in 8 different colors so it seems like just about anyone could find one they like… and one limited edition version that is available in an RFL vendor.  That color won’t be available for sale otherwise so once that’s gone, it is gone.anysia-silks-ebon-pic


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