Yay!! Fixed!!

I had to fix my blog, I couldn’t get into the admin area so I wasn’t able to do updates on it like I wanted to.

Egads what a pain in the backside.  Soooooo much to say, and soooooooo much has happened!

I’ve been blogged about a couple times this week too!  Yanno, whenever that happens I always feel really teeny tiny.  Silks of Second Life blogged about my harvest bag chore attachment.  Thank you so much!  I appreciate the feedback.

I was told about a german blog that highlighted the hunt gift that I made for the SL Discovery hunt.

And then I found quite by accident by clicking through profiles another blog that highlighted a couple things from my place too.  Bound by Silk blog has a wee little post about the kirtle I just released and the camisk I made for the Gorean hunt that ends tomorrow.  Looks like a new blog, I wish the author the best of luck!!

As far as updates!  Woot!! The new store is complete and opened up!!  Will write a new post just for that in a lil bit.


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