Whole lot goin on this week

The new store build was finally complete and with trepidition I finished up, moving the last final things like the greeter, and the contest boards down to the ground.  Drawing in a quavering breath trying to still the butterflies in my belly I sent out the first notices about the new look and re-opening of Roawenwood.

Whenever I redo the store I’m a little nervous, this time I put a lot more effort into the build and I was trying really hard to create more than just another store.  Something that was fun to wander, interesting to look at, as well as a decent place to shop.  Wanted ya’ll to be able to find things without going too crazy too.  I think I accomplished it and like for the most part how it turned out.

Lots and LOTS of new.  I released the Gunnhild Kirtle/Camisk set in my clothing lines.  The great thing about this set is that the top rw-gunnhild-kirtle-camisk-steelcan be worn alone as a sexy little camisk, rope belt wrapped around the hips or you can add one of three skirt options to have a softly flowing kirtle perfect for any northern bondsmaid.  It’s available in 6 colors, from steel, blood red, rose, moss, cornflower, and lilac.  I really liked how it turned out and have had some awesome feedback already from it.  Through the weekend the kirtle set will be 50% off on the new group discount board that is near the landing point!

Also released some distressed and worn slave furniture great for kennel or dungeon or wherever you want to have something with a bit more of a rough look.  Three pieces, a grooming/relaxing mat… a slave shower… and a grooming table.  The grooming table has two animations built into it, one where the girl brushes her hair while kneeling in tower in front of the mirror, the other is just a kneeling pose… role play out putting on your make up that is scattered across the top of the table.  The slave shower has a kneeling pose where the girl bathes beneath the water that comes down from the faucet.  Water turns on and off with touch, can either face the shower or face outwards.

sa-fora-grooming-picThe kennel mat is a little bit nicer even though it only weighs in at 5 prims.  Frayed rug with some beat up pillows there is 4 sets of animations.  The first is two girls, one kneeling in front of the other while her hair is being brushed and they sit talking.  The other three poses can be used singly or with a friend, they are all relaxing type poses so you have a place to curl up or kick back.

Now on top of the releases, the new store build and everything else there has been lots goin on at the store.  The lucky tribe stuff is sooooooo great!  I see lots having a blast with it.  I’ve also added a prize pyramid to the landing area.  Along with all of that I just added TWO Midnight Madness boards.  One with a set of silks that isn’t available in the store anywhere else, and one with a piece from the gardening section.  Ok so I’ve been feeling generous.  You guys ALL benefit from that!  The newbie gift for folks under 30 days has been put back out too.

What else….. hmmmmm……… *scratches her head*  oohh!!  Grid hunts!  hahaha the Gorean grid hunt is finishing up.  Tomorrow is the LAST day to get that freebie!  I may put the camisk up with the clothing but if you hurry you can get it for free.

The SL Discovery hunt will be going until the end of June, AND on the 25th another hunt starts!  Through the Looking Glass Grid Hunt starts and guess what… mhmmmm I’m in it so a new freebie!  Just have to find the little mirror with the cheshire cat peeking out on the glass.

I think that’s about it for now.   I’ll have more stuff soon.


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