Naughty, Naughty

When I was making up the package for the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt I wanted to add a little bit of everything so people could find something to use.  Most of the time when people do grid hunts there is a common complaint.  That it is geared towards women and most of the time clothes.  In the case of Gorean type stuff a common complaint that I heard was that there was an overabundance of silks or slave type things.  Granted that is probably true.  I added a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  A fountain type thing for the garden, a couple seating furs for panthers/whoever, a bookshelf that was done a little bit nicer for homes and then of course…. a camisk.  Aha!  Couldn’t help myself.  Anyhow….

rw-naughty-bitsIt was called the Naughty Bits Camisk.  Reason being is I cropped it up real high on the hips, and then opened up the front along with the back so that there was really hardly anything there.  Sweeping widely across the breasts exposing the nipples and then a real low cut down the front past the belly button type of thing.  Mmmhmmm, a wee bit naughty eh?  Well I got some awesome feedback on it during the hunt, anyone who missed it can still get it but now its just being offered like any other camisk in my place.  At 150L it really isn’t a bad price so don’t feel too badly.

Naughty Bits Kirtle

Naughty Bits Kirtle

However as a twist as I was drifting off trying to think of new things to do I thought to myself… “oohh, that’d make one cute sexy ass kirtle too!”  Sooooooooo after the hunt I went up to my workshop, piddled round in my paint program to get a texture for the skirts and then made one.  Sitting low on the hips with ropes and fabric, and I added a couple sleeves to give it a wee bit of a rugged look.  It turned out real nice I think and the great thing is, of course, that the top can be worn by itself as the camisk if you wanted something a little different!  I put it down in the clothing section and the new area at the landing point for now for 225L.  Enjoy!


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