I’m slackin!!

I haven’t sat down to write anything for a lil bit.  The horror… the tragedy of it all.  *heaves an overly dramatic sigh.*

Ok, I’m done.

Anyhow… I’ve been doing a -whole- lot behind the scenes that you may not have seen yet.  The new store location is finally finally getting closer to being done, I’m moving product and getting it all set up.  It’s a bit different than my previous build.  Different buildings and feel.  I have put a lot more work into the way it looks, hopefully it won’t be too difficult to navigate.  Things are set up to be categorized somewhat… clothing in one area, furniture type stuff in another, work related and so on.  Landscaping, trees and all of that intermixed with the rest in a pleasing atmosphere so you can almost feel like you strolling through someplace and not just a store.

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback I’ve been getting on the hunt items!!  I keep getting nice little notes from people that appreciate the freebies in the grid hunts I have been a part of.  I’m very glad that everyone is enjoying the offerings.

I have a whole lot coming up.  With the opening of the new store build I’m going to have a special 50% board for groupies with items from around the store knocked down to 50% off!!  I tossed around the idea of closing the open enrollment aspect of the group but decided against it.  It’s hard enough trying to manage groups, and if you want to take advantage of a sale you should be able to.  It’s like in real life, yanno all of those stupid cards you need to have for different grocery stores, drug stores, etc… if you don’t have the card you are S.O.L. on their sale.  Well I didn’t wanna do that to everyone so I’m leaving it open enrollment.  Take advantage of my sales when they come up.

New outfit coming out!  New furniture!  New stuff for your kennels!  New chores!  New Store!  Coming soon!!

Whew!  I need a vacation.  lol

Byeeeeeeeeeeeee *winks*


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