Freebie lovin and an upgrade!

It’s the weekend!! And with that lovely piece of news there’s been a lot going on at the store!  The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt kicks off today and my lil heart with a dagger through it isn’t that hard to find.  It’s near the landing point just take a peek up and you should see it without too many problems.  It has a few things in there, I couldn’t decide what to place… along with the fact that I was -trying- to have a little bit of everything so most can find a use for it.

A sexy little camisk is one of the included freebies in there which won’t be put out for sale till after the hunt is over with… can get a free copy now if you like and feel like dropping by.

The Lucky Tribe event through the Lucky Chair Company is supposed to be kicking off today around noon SL.  They’re being secretive about it but it sounds like it could be a lot of fun.  You play games and go round the grid to participating stores to earn kudos points.  As you earn points you can redeem them for prizes at stores that are in the event.  Both of the lucky chairs placed out at my store can earn kudos points.  A twist on the grid wide hunt idea with some added fun and challenges! Lucky Tribe teaser post.

I added a new little chore… a harvest bag.  Nothing too awful major really but a little accessory that you can use for role play or whatever.

Dance Pit Upgrade Offer: When I created the Desert Opulence Dance Pit I included a texture change option.  The script that was used for it worked alright but on a reset could end up wiping the thing clean so you couldn’t do  the texture change anymore.  This really isn’t a good thing… you are paying for that functionality and it shouldn’t get broken that easily.  I have since had the script redone and now it won’t.  Safe from resets and safe from lil LL or SL snafus unless they change something.

In this vein I am offering a FREE upgrade to the latest version of the dance pit.  Anyone that has this dance pit is welcome to send it in a folder along with a notecard with the name of the person to send the upgraded dance pit to and I’ll replace it free of charge.  Rename the folder to something like Dance Pit Upgrade Request.

Have a great weekend!


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