Yay! Congrats!

April has flown by and it is time to announce the monthly winner for the picks contest!  While we wait for the drumroll and all that jazz take a moment to reflect on how quickly the freekin month went.  My god!  Feels like it just started.  *snickers*

Anyhow……………. The winner for the month of April is Tamira Juran!!  Tamira won the 1000L prize along with the 1000L store credit!  *does a lil happy dance for the winner.*

I’m so glad to have you folks stopping by my place and taking the time to add it to your picks, I adore that ya’ll like my work and enjoy it immensely.  Thank you so much for being a part of my SL. rw-golden-bath-set-nt

Also tonight is the start of the SL Discovery Grid Wide Hunt!  Over 500 stores are partipating… it’s huge.  Honestly I can’t imagine doing a hunt this large but I know there’s some out there that will.  My place is wayyyyyyyyy down the list at 390 but if you’re so inclined you can look around to find the lil magnifying glass and get a great freebie.  I made a small bath set, copy/no transfer.  I really didn’t hide the glass that badly… it’s near the front where you tp in, I just hate getting frustrated on hunts when I do them so I was trying to make it simple.  This particular Grid Hunt runs from May 1 – June 30th, so lots of time to wander the different stores.

Take a peek at the picture.  Have a great weekend!!


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