With just a touch of whimsy….

Released this evening the new set of silks… Flutterbee.  The name came to me before I even created them.  I wanted a light set of silks, that floated fluttering around the slave girl as she moved, something a little extra feminine.  Iridescent jewels decorating the skirts and the thin pieces of silver… I like how they turned out.  A sculptured drape settles across the breasts smoothly, can wear it with or without the included top.  Covered or not covered, that is up to you.

The silks come with earrings, two different sets of armbands, bracelets, hip skirt, chest drape, and belly ornament.  There are 6 colors available and a limited edition lighter purple version for the RFL.

Can find them on Xstreet or in world at my store.


As a bonus I created half off discount packages for group members at my main location.  Just wear a Roawenwood group tag, pay the special group vendor package and you can get them for 50% off until sometime Friday or Saturday.  I haven’t decided which yet.


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