Couple small updates, a hanging cage that is rustic… a set of three velvety soft rich colored cushion seats.  I have a pic of a freebie I sent through the subscriber group last night so you can see one of them that I will attach.  I really love the deep dark colors of them.  They look like something you could snuggle down deep into, kicking back and relaxing.

See what you could have had if you were in my subscriber group!?

See what you could have gotten if you were in my subscriber group!?

I got the textures done on the clothing layers for the silks I’m about to release… I need to get going on those, I want them out by friday so you’ll get another lovely update hopefully.

I am now a part of three (!) grid hunts, possibly a fourth.  I’ll talk more about them as they get closer probably but needless to say I am busy and mulling over the wonderous freebie that I should include for each of them.  I almost was thinking of throwing the idea out to my groupies to see what kind of thing they’d like to see given away and let them decide.  *chuckles*

I also have a huge undertaking coming up.  I’m going to be…. *pauses here taking a deep breath*  redoing my store.  The layout is bugging the crap out of me and it needs to be redone to make it easier to browse or find things.  I’ve gotten large enough where a bad layout can really mess with the whole shopping experience, along with the fact… make it tougher to find what you’re looking for. Soooooooo on that note, I’m going to redo the store.  Hopefully my plans are to really crack down and work on it having it done by the beginning of May.  Seriously I do NOT want to shut the store down while I’m working on it, so I am trying to figure out the least painful way of handling a massive redo while not screwing with the store or closing for a week or two.

Best solution I’ve come up with so far…. Lift the main part of the store up onto platforms in the sky while I redo the ground.  Temporarily of course, just until I get things settled into a newer build.  So I’m thinking that I’ll be doing that at some point.  It may not be as pretty for a lil bit but hopefully it won’t be too painful, I really want to be able to focus on making the shopping experience at Roawenwood something enjoyable… not just another store.

Guess that’s it for now, I’ll be updating again soon.  *waves and heads back to the workshop*


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