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It’s been awhile since I wrote but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been putting things out.  One of the things about me is I am almost constantly putting out new items.  I end up putzing around in my workshop or unable to sleep… something new will come around and out of it.  The past bit after releasing the Flutterbee silks I’ve added a large garden with 5 different spots for workers, a sawing wood chore, and a potters set.

The potters set is rather nice I think.  It has a potters bench that’s a little different than the normal potters wheel, also there’s the kiln which I rather like… a few shelves and some accessories.  It can be bought in part or in whole at my store.

I have plans to be putting out some new clothes of course, and lots of things but I am swamped swamped swamped with plans lately.  I have three hunts coming up, and I have to redo the store.  In between I make little things or work on bigger things but it is these few things that I really need to crack down on and get done.  I am convinced that the creative process becomes a big old stumbling block when deadlines and expectations come up.

I am convinced because yanno… I have -no- idea what to make for these hunts.  *laughs*  I sincerely want to place something in for each of them that makes them worthwhile and something that ya’ll would want to have.  I definately want to make something that is more than just some ugly stinkin freebie…. sooooo now what.

Ahhhh I’ll think of something.  Anyhow…. keep checkin back, and even if you don’t see something here on the blog, there’s probably a really good bet that there is something new in the store anyhow.  Have a great weekend!


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