Knit Kickers, new cute little boots

knit-kickers-lustrous-cherryTonight I decided to have a little bit of fun and create/put out something different.  I always say that I do things as the whim strikes, well this is a prime example of one of those moments.

Brand new tonight!! Knit Kickers!  I can’t help myself, my dad used to always call my boots growing up s*it kickers, these boots have a sweater/knit top that slouches down over the bottom part of the boot.  So while I was playing around with them tonight I was reminded of my s*it kickers, and have thusly released… Knit Kickers as a strange twist on the words and because I’m probably wayyyyyyyyyyyy over tired.  *laughs*

They’re cute, not that prim heavy, made of sculptured prims and available in 10 colors, some brighter… some more earth toned.

Still working on rebuilding the store, and I also started a kirtle set for those of the north.  Oddly it came about knit-kickers-coffeealmost on accident while I was working on camisks… I think I’m going to save releasing those for the new store build though.  At the moment there are 6 colors. (I think, like I said I’m overtired.)

So good night, or good morning as the case may be… until we meet again.


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