Get to work!

Yesterday I had a rather large release, four brand new chores for your role playing pleasure.  I was slaving away up in my workshop just to bring you something to do, aren’t I nice?  Great for slaves, Ironing Choresubmissives, or anyone who wants to add a little atmosphere to their area.  Of course they all are nicely detailed with embedded animations, no ugly poseballs on any of them!

Basically released a laundry set.. hanging clothes, washing clothes, and ironing.  Along the way I also did a sewing chore… so I suppose that goes right along with the theme eh?  Mending clothes?  I might be a little bit punchy because I’ve had so much on my plate lately and I don’t think it’s going to ease up… BUT I wouldn’t really know what to do with myself if it did.  I do prefer to have things to do than sitting around wondering what’s next.  I have lots more things on the horizon, chores and furniture… along with a really really beautiful set of silks that I am going to release soon.

I have the prim work done, now I just need to get the clothing textures done for the PG layers and the ad work done.  They really are lovely.  Lots and lots of little jewels sprinkled all over the skirts, and jewelry.  They’re lighter, probably that spring thing still has a hold of me but don’t worry, the next set that I am working on is going to be in darker colors I think.Laundry Chore

I alsoooooooooo have joined an RFL team.  I am going to be releasing one of the new sets of silks as an RFL only thing.  I’ve wanted to get involved with the RFL in SL for the last couple years but it always seemed like I’d miss half of it or something came up.  This year I really made sure to contact someone so I could.  I have a kiosk set up at the main store, and I’ll be releasing things very soon for it that you can only get through the RFL vendors.  I do the Relay for Life walk in real life every year, so it is no surprise really that I wanted to be involved in my Second Life too.

And if that wasn’t enough…  I’ve also joined a grid wide treasure hunt for May/June.  It’s the Through the Looking Glass Hunt.  So keep your eyes peeled for that, I’ll add more about that later on.  I’d like to get involved in more hunts if I can… they’re fun and a way to give away nifty lil things to people.  I’m trying my hand at getting into the next Gorean grid wide hunt but I haven’t heard back from them.

I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll do another update sooooooon!


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