Beauty in a simple garment

Last night very late before I was heading off to bed I released a new camisk.  It is a little different than what I generally release clothing

Zhen in Chocolate

Zhen in Chocolate

wise but it is something that I wanted to work on here and there anyhow.  I like camisks, simple… basic clothing that usually isn’t that expensive, along with the fact that if done right can be quite pretty.  Silks are nice, but not always practical… especially in laggy sims or around and about.  Zhen is available in 5 colors, Chocolate, Green, Red, Grape, and Blue.

I also released a new gardening chore… simpler than the large garden that I put out last week which has room for 5 workers, the gardening chore is a sculptured prim wheel barrow, a small set of plants, a few accessories and a gardening animation to work.  Can be placed just about anywhere really.

In other news I moved the main buildings of my store up into the sky at about 500 meters and I’m clearing the land beneath it to redo the layout.  For awhile the whole thing has been bothering me (which I think I’ve mentioned before in previous posts and announcements) but I haven’t been able to really work on it.  Part of it was because I just didn’t know what to do with everything while I was working.  It’s really not so good to be throwing prims around peoples heads as they try to browse through the store, and I really didn’t want to close down completely either.  The what if’s started… like… “what if I end up taking longer than I expected.”  or “what if I can’t get it right.”  Well at least if the bulk of it is up above then I can work in relative peace and hopefully unveil a new layout that will work better and be fun to be around.

One thing I’ve always prided myself upon and tried to do is make my place not so much a ‘store’, to make it not feel like a dull spiritless place of commerce but something that had a feeling… something that was relaxing as well as enjoyable even if you don’t buy a thing.  I didn’t want stale, and I’ve never wanted to be just like everyone else.  That’s one thing, I like to be unique at least on some level… which to be honest can be rather difficult within SL oddly enough.  And so that’s where that is at….  I’ll keep updates coming and hopefully when I get things set the way I like, I’ll reopen the main part of the store with some new stuff, new look, maybe a sale and other goodies.


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