Wow!! I was reviewed!

With a mixture of… “OMG!! Oh no!!” and “That’s sooooooo cool!” I was reviewed by the Silks of Second Life Blog.  I was rather shocked looking around their site the other day and noticed my store name along the links to posts.  Ok, not rather shocked… I was very shocked.  With trepidition I clicked the link to see where it led reading the post that followed.  Thankfully it was positive, and yes even if it wasn’t positive I would have mentioned it.  Someone taking the time to notice my place always deserves a nod.  They reviewed my Tattered set back in January.  Thank you so much for taking the time!!

So while I’m here I’ll post about the new outfit that I created too.  It’s called Moyna, which means soft.  The reason I Moyna in Sunsetchose that name is because the skirts just flow sooooo pretty around your hips and legs.  Snuggly fitted sculpted prim waist band with silver accents sits low on the hips showing off the lower belly while wrapping around you beautifully and move delightfully as you walk, dance or shimmy your way through Second Life. Bra top included with two options, shirt layer and underwear layer.

Moyna in FiestaOne of the things you really can’t see in pictures with this skirt is the way the colors of the fabric shift and change as you move.  The fabric is a variegated batik that has lovely tones that changes giving it new depth.

(sunset is my favorite heh)

New things coming soon!!  I have an awesome furniture set that is in the works that I am soooooo thrilled with.  It is broadening the line that I had already started with the bath house type furniture in grooming your property, and the hand washing stand.  I will be releasing that this week probably.

On St. Patty’s day I am going to have some fun set up around the store too!


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