Spring is in the air!

Some fresh color to brighten even the coldest of places as spring approaches is the order for today.  I have a Spring Frolick Silks; Orange Sherbertfew people salivating asking for new things and got the idea to revamp one of my already popular sets just a little bit for those with spring fever!

My popular Winter Night and Winter Ice sculptured silks are now in four… mhmmm I said FOUR new colors.  Generally speaking I don’t really work with a lot of pastel colors, I tend to prefer dark and jewel tones.  I think for the most part that comes across in most of my work but I do on occasion decide to go in a bit of a different direction if the mood hits.  I always say that I create as my whims flow letting myself just create as it works out.  It’s a lot of fun for me to find new ways to express myself and I’m so very grateful that people enjoy my work.

So now that I’ve rambled lets get to it right!?  Four new colors… Pink Jellybean, Spring Canary, Spring Mint, and yummySpring Frolick Silks; Pink Jellybean Orange Sherbert!  The silks themselves are rather simple, flow nicely and made mostly of sculptured prims wrapping around the body.  They utilize a resize menu which for some people is a hassle and I have on occasion offered a copy/mod version without the menu for those who request is specially.

Take a look and keep your eyes peeled!  I have plans for this week!


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