New chore and furniture set

Ok, now when I say furniture set, I really mean a BIG set this time.  Every once in awhile the creative streak strikes and piece after piece ends up coming out.  Make and work on one… get a new idea for another that matches or works well with the set… Thermae Vanity Table

This is a very large, very detailed set of  furniture that was built as a group with the intent to be able to furnish a bathhouse in sumptuous luxurious comfort.  Bath houses were opulent gathering places where people socialized and whiled away the hours relaxing.  That was the whole idea behind the set that I have placed out.

Over 20 different pieces that work together!  TWO differernt massage tables, one geared towards a full body massage.  Couches, floor seating, a lounger, vanity/dressing table, accessories, plants and much more.

My previously released foot bath, hand washing stand and grooming sets match the new furniture and a part of this as well.

Two copper tubs, one plain… one sitting on a frame with a fire warming the water beneath.  Each has two couples bathing sets included.  While in the midst of all of this I released a more rustic tub as well made out of stone, sculptured accents and two couples bathing sets as well.  It’s really a twist on the copper tubs that I was making for the other set.

Cleaning BootsI -also- have been trying to expand my chore and worker stuff.  I know… I take on too much probably, always doing new things but when the mood strikes you really have to take advantage of it!  This one is something I haven’t seen too often so I’m hoping it finds a spot with a few of you.  It is a boot polishing chore, boot and brush are included which is given with a lil click.  It is almost entirely sculptured prims, a bit rustic looking and can be put just about anywhere.  Only 12 prims so it isn’t something that will hurt too badly if you leave it out.

Enjoy!!! I have sooooooo many things coming up, like usual. LOL


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