Happy Monday!

Honestly I don’t know why I said ‘happy monday’ because there really isn’t much fun to mondays to begin with but hey…. why not right?  Wanted to leave a little update of whats been going on around my place.  It has been an odd month so far, I have been trying to wrap up getting a new outfit out.  It’s been something of a bear getting them set up and packaged.

Soleil de MarrakechOn a lighter note I have out a brand new bed.  It has a lot of sculptured accents so it is very smooth looking… with a metal frame, brocade pillows, and curtains around it it has a very nice feel to it.  It has a slightly desert/Moroccan feel to it just like some of my other products.  I seem to have an affinity for that type of style.  The bed itself has texture change so you can change the color of the bedding and curtains, the pillows also have a seperate texture menu with brocade fabrics that can and do accent the color changes very nicely.  You can have a different sort of color scheme whenever you feel like it which is a plus for anyone.  It also has the same textures that were used in my popular Zumurrud set so anyone who has purchased the massage table or furniture set with that theme can now have a bed to match!

I am offering the bed with and without MLP.  The bed without is just the bed though it is modifiable so you can add your own poses or menu system if you like.  The MLP is version 2 and has three menus; moments, pleasure, and discipline.  Packed full of some really nice animation sets for couples.  Lots of cuddles and intimate moments… some naughty fun in the pleasure menu and of course the different spanking sets.  You can try out the bed at my main location on the Five Blades sim.


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