Dance with me…

Awhile back I created a very intricate outfit that is made almost entirely of prims.  I struggled with getting it out there and placed partially because a part of me wanted to keep it exclusive and all to myself.  It isn’t something that I have seen anywhere really, along with the fact that I know how easy it is to dilute something.

I’ve released the Sahar Belly Dance Outfit.  I’m not outright calling it a set of silks because this outfit has much more than just a flimsy pair of silks or anything.  I tried very hard to be realistic in the way that it wound around the hips, fabric draping over the body, tassels that go down the long skirts and flair as you move.  It uses sculptured prims for realism and smooth lines.  There are tiny coins, chains, and bells ornamenting the entire outfit.  It comes with a bit of jewelry.  Ankles, bracelets, a choker, a cape, armbands and bells to wear around the belly along with two skirt types, dance slippers, and a bra top.

It is a beautiful outfit, available in 6 different colors in world, on XStreet and is modify/copy/no transfer.



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