It is not unusual for Gorean masters…

“Come here,” I said, ” and kneel here.”
She rose from the water, it dripping from her body,and came and knelt on the grass, on the bank of the small stream, where I had indicated. I took the comb from her and laid it to the side. I then took the brush and, kneeling behind her, began to brush out her hair.

It is not unusual for Gorean masters to comb and groom slaves, or ornament them personally,much as they might any animal that they owned.”
–Savages of Gor

Grooming your Property

Grooming your Property

Something a little different that I put together, and I have plans to create other versions of this.  A small stump to place

alongside a river or within the woods with a very nice animation for you and yours.  Gently grooming with or without a brush it is a caress as the Master takes his leisure.  The piece is very reasonably priced, you can purchase it at my main location or through Xstreet.

I placed out a new gothic style corner bath at the front of my place this week as well.

In the works is also another version of the Tattered work silks/tunic/camisk set that I put out last week.  This version will be the Tattered Slut.  A crop top in two versions, patched or whole, a prim skirt that is barely there with copper, and dark steel accents.  Thinly worked armbands with a bit of rag on them rounds out the outfit which will be reasonably priced just like the Tattered work set.

Working on getting the colors done up and the posters so look for them next week!


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