Happy New Year!

The end of the holiday season always gets super super busy for everyone and I am no different though I have been working hard to keep a few new things out.  I have got some great new things planned of ’09, and some new stuff just waiting to get finished up.  I have been shuffling the store around a little bit after Christmas, picking up all the decorations and getting it set up better.  Trying to get things situated so they are easy to find since my place has gotten rather monsterous.

rw-sweeping-attachThis week I placed out a couple chore helps.  A broom attachment, and a broom that leans against the wall.  Of course both are nicely animated with a sweeping motion.  One you wear so you can take it anywhere, and the other is a prop… leave it in your kennels, workhouse, or wherever you want someone to do a little labor.  Click for a brom and right click to sit.  Simple, elegant and made mostly of sculpty prims.  rw-sweeping

On the horizon I have an awesome (if I do say so myself) belly dance outfit coming out.  It is a very ornate set that will be offered in different colors.  Tiny bells, coins, and chains are draped all over the different pieces.  Fabric wrapped around the hips on the two different skirt versions, the first skirt has long gorgeous layers and the second is short barely covering the hips.  It is going to be a very intricate set with a lot of pieces… I just have to finish it up.  Keep your eyes peeled.


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